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Our Promise

Memorial Day Nursery

Your Safety Is Our Priority

All our staff and children are made to wear face coverings. At Memorial Day Nursery, we also follow social distancing guidelines. We have several sanitizing stations accessible for frequent handwashing.

Memorial Day Nursery
Memorial Day Nursery
Memorial Day Nursery
Memorial Day Nursery
Memorial Day Nursery

Drop-off and Pick-Up Procedures*

Markings at the school entrances will direct you to the “meet and greet table,” where you will be asked some questions, your child’s temperature will be taken, and you will be directed on where to exit. Please allow for additional time in your day's schedule to accommodate this process. Upon drop-off each day, children and staff will be screened for the following symptoms:

  • Fever 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or above

  • Shortness of breath/trouble breathing

  • Sudden change or loss of taste or smell

  • Gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea)

  • Dry coughing

  • Sore throat

  • Muscle aches or pains

If family/household members are symptomatic, those students are not allowed to attend school.

What Makes Our Preschool Program Your Best Choice?

  • Loving, caring teachers ensuring children love coming to school

  • Safe, nurturing, home-like environments where children feel comfortable and can focus on learning

  • Teacher-facilitated small group lessons and center-based play experiences cater to various skill levels and allow children to flourish

  • We have designed our curriculum to foster curiosity in young children and to promote independence, confidence, patience, empathy, and creativity

  • Our curriculum promotes independence by allowing teachers to challenge students who need more challenging work and help children who need more guidance

  • We create fun-filled days and engaging ways for children to learn while they play

  • Children in our schools have the opportunity to experience success through small wins – building confidence and instilling a love of learning

  • We develop children’s unique collection of skills, interests, and passions – so they can thrive in their own ways

Kindergarten Readiness

We pride ourselves on providing preschool children an exceptional education in fun-filled learning environments. Our Creative Curriculum gives our teachers a flexible framework that helps our students progressively build skill sets within different learning domains every month. Important skills are taught in every program and fine-tuned just before the end of the school year and enrollment in Kindergarten.

Partnering with Our Parents

Children thrive when there is a strong partnership between school and home. Our preschool center has an open-door policy, and we welcome visits from our families at any time. We regularly host events for the whole family and celebrate major holidays throughout the year. We also offer a variety of communication pieces to keep you current on your child’s day and their overall academic progress.